The Challenges of Winter in the Water Business

beisenmannBlog, MPWC Waterlines Newsletter

As winter marches on, we here in the northeast, along with most of the U.S. have been experiencing some of the coldest temperatures seen in quite some time. With extended periods of extreme cold come some of the problems that not just we here at the MPWC, but all water purveyors in the area have had to deal with. Sustained subfreezing temperatures cause the ground to contract which can wreak havoc on buried pipes. The pressures from a deeper than usual frost line result in a larger than typical amount of water main breaks. Examples of winter’s might have been seen on the local news almost nightly with mains breaking all over the area and in some challenging locations with repair crews doing their best to keep up. The MPWC is no different. As the temperatures dropped, our crews have been diligently working, sometimes around the clock, to maintain water service to our customers throughout our distribution system with as little disruption as possible. All the while, dealing with some of the harshest conditions for working outdoors. From water main breaks and service leaks to frozen services and meters, our team has been handling it all to the best of their ability with great success. We are lucky to have such a dedicated group of hardworking, skilled individuals that come together as a team to keep the water flowing to our homes and businesses not just in winter, but all year long . In my estimation, I believe they are some of the best in the business. And… as spring approaches, the memories of this cruel winter will be just that. Memories.

By Assistant Superintendent James Garaguso