New Water Service Applications:

To apply for new water service, Applicant must:

  1. Complete the Application Package.
  2. Submit your completed package along with your Application Fee of $25.00, two (2) sets of prints and supporting documentation to the MPWC Office at 6751 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ 08110.
  3. Your application package and supporting data specifying the engineering details of the proposed project will be analyzed for compliance with the MPWC Engineering Standards including provisions for orderly growth.
    • Supporting data includes two (2) sets of plans showing the proposed plot plan of the premises indicating the area to be serviced, and
    • Proof of street opening permit, if required.
  4. Any necessary connection fees and/or escrow charges for commercial, industrial or multiple unit applications shall be determined by the MPWC Engineer based on the size of the project.
  5. Upon review, your application will be submitted for approval to the MPWC Commissioners. The final condition of approval will be a mutual agreement between the applicant and the MPWC in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for providing water service.
  6. Once your application has been approved by the Commission, you will receive written confirmation from the MPWC.
  7. Connection fees shall be paid to the MPWC at the start of construction and in accordance with the Rules of the Commission and Schedule of Fees. Our Fee Schedule is attached to the Application Package. Connection fees of $30,000.00 or less are due at the time of application. If the connection fees total an amount greater than $30,000.00 then the fee may be paid in two equal parts. The first payment is due at the start of construction and the remaining balance is due upon the issuance of a meter.

The applicant must understand and agree to the following:

  • The MPWC will not grant final approval until all governmental agencies have given final approval and the applicant has submitted stamped and signed final plans with final signatures to the MPWC along with all necessary conditions having been met.
  • Final approval will be evidenced by receipt of correspondence indicating approval by the MPWC Commissioners.
  • Approvals are based on the exact plans and specifications as submitted to the Commission and in compliance with any conditions required therein.
  • ALL DOMESTIC WATER USAGE MUST BE METERED. The MPWC must be notified prior to connection to our system for issuance/installation of a water meter and activation of the account.


MPWC Application for Service-Effective 01-01-2022

Service For An Existing Account:

If you are selling a property in our service area:
Please contact the MPWC to schedule a final water reading prior to your settlement date. The MPWC will read the meter and calculate final charges. You will need to provide the MPWC with a forwarding address for final billing charges.

If you are purchasing a property in our service area:
Please contact the MPWC to find out if a final reading has been ordered. Once you settle on the property, contact the MPWC to have the account transferred into your name. Often times, the Title Clerk has collected final water rents at settlement and will forward the property transfer information via MPWC Account Update Form to the MPWC. However, you may expedite the process by providing us with a copy of your HUD-1 sheet as proof of ownership immediately following settlement.

Title Clerk:
Instruct new MPWC customers to bring or forward their closing documents (HUD 1 or Closing Disclosure) to the MPWC to establish service in their name and to inquire as to which billing cycle they will be and when to expect the next billing statement.

The MPWC will not access a property utilizing a lock box. Please make arrangements to be present for final readings when necessary.

Title Search:
When requesting written payoff and/or itemized water account information, your request is subject to a $25.00 search fee per requested property.  The MPWC will provide a verbal quote only of the current open balance free of charge.  All payoff requests and/or requests for detailed or itemized transactions are applicable to the MPWC’s formal search procedure and the associated fee.  Requests will be verified and approved by the Customer Service Director in the order in which they are received.

Make checks payable to MPWC and remit payment for each individual request to:

Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission

6751 Westfield Avenue

Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Attn: Customer Service Director

Re: Request for Account Information/Payoff