Woodbine Treatment Plant Construction

The Merchantville Pennsauken Water Commission is constructing an 80’ x 80’ split face block treatment building at the Woodbine Avenue plant location.  Recent new regulations passed by the NJ legislature have included additional compounds that need to be removed from drinking water.  In order to meet the new regulations, additional water treatment equipment is required.

The new building will house an advanced oxidation process and activated carbon treatment.  Hydrogen peroxide is injected into the raw water and then passes through high intensity ultra violet light to create hydroxy radicals.  These radicals break down organic compounds which are then removed in the activated carbon.  This new process not only removes the new regulated compounds but also removes other compounds that may not be regulated or even sampled for.

The new building will be split face block with a standing seam roof.  A single 30,000 gallon backwash tank will be constructed outside the building.  In fact, the building will look very similar to our plant located at 6950 Marion Avenue in Pennsauken.

The site will be remotely monitored via SCADA.  The entire site will be fenced in and security cameras will be installed.

National Highway Treatment Plant

MPWC has installed four 20,000 pound carbon filters as a temporary pilot study / treatment alternative to remove newly regulated compounds from our drinking water.

We are currently designing a permanent treatment plant that will be installed in 2022.  The plant will be very similar to the plant currently being built at the Woodbine Avenue location.

Water Meter Antennas

MPWC is currently installing antennas on three water tanks.  These antennas will read water meters in the area daily allowing quicker response times to access meter data.

Marion Avenue Tank Painting

The elevated water tank at Marion Avenue will be painted this year.  All tanks are painted on a 10 year cycle.  The painting will take place in the spring and will take a few months to complete.

Well Maintenance

We have contracted with Utility Services to rehab all of our wells and high service pumps.  Each well will be redeveloped to like new condition.  Pumps will be evaluated and replaced as needed to return the pump to its original condition.  All 14 wells and 12 high service pumps will be evaluated and addressed annually.