Most residential meters are located either inside of your property (basement, crawlspace, laundry area, kitchen etc.) or outside at the curb. If you have a Remote Read Device, please be aware that this is NOT your water meter. It is simply a device that attaches to your water meter by a wire and allows us to collect readings without the need to enter your property each quarter. On occasion, the MPWC needs to verify that your remote is properly communicating with your water meter and may ask that you provide us with both readings for a comparison, or we may ask that you allow our Service Technician access to verify the readings. Please be aware that you are required to pay for all water that passes through your water meter.

Many of our customers now have radio read meters installed at their properties. Our newest technology allows us to obtain accurate readings via radio wave without the need to enter your property and without the need for a remote device on the outside of your property.