Keeping Watch 24/7 – “Essential Services” A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Dear MPWC Customers,

Amidst the uncertainties that the COVID pandemic has created for all of us, there are “certainties” that have been revealed. As we learn to adjust to a new lifestyle and how to sacrifice so many freedoms that we have come to enjoy- we also come to develop a greater appreciation for things like health, family, friends and what we have come to know as the “American Way”. At the core of this is simply our basic struggle to just survive.

This is a new era, one riddled with unprecedented challenges and obstacles to  overcome. We, at the MPWC have learned that those basic needs of food, shelter and good health come at a price and we must not take them for granted. To a greater extent, we have also learned how much you, our loyal customers, rely on us to maintain what is referred to as “essential services”.  While the Governor’s Executive Orders provide us the authority to continue working to provide you with high quality and safe drinking water, it also requires our dedicated employees to stay the course and maintain vigilance. Our dedicated workforce has been inspecting facilities, making system repairs and answering all e-mails, phone calls and inquiries for assistance.

Please know that while observing all Municipal, State and Federal mandates for our protection, and yours, the business of the MPWC has not faltered. We have planned upgrades to critical infrastructure and we are moving forward in a progressive, yet calculated manner to fulfill those strategic goals. You may already be aware that we have postponed the Spring hydrant flushing program. While this is a required and necessary task – we will avoid anything that may adversely impact your services. Rest assured that we continue with daily plant and facilities inspections, ensuring that every well, pump and filter station is performing at optimum levels. As such, we remain compliant with all Environmental Protection Agency and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection standards. Our 2019 Customer Confidence Report should be completely shortly and will be made available.

While it is very difficult to predict when the transition back to “normalcy” will begin, I can say with certainty that we are prepared and that we will continue to provide this “essential service” with pride and diligence.

On behalf of the Commissioners and staff, we wish you all a safe passage through this sea of uncertainty while remaining certain that we are here, 24/7, and available to assist you. Be safe, stay healthy and do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. For information updates, feel free to monitor our website at or by following us on Facebook.

Michael A. Saraceni